Our story

“Chow” is the military term for food and there is no other Chef that knows Chow better than Army Veteran Chef Andre Rush.

Our Commitment

CHOW Meals is committed to creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Chef Rush and his team of dietitians developed CHOW Meals to be macro-balanced and full of flavor. Ingredients are locally sourced near our production facility and delivered fresh to your door in an insulated food shipping box.

CHOW was formed in 2020 when a group of veterans tried to tackle the question of “How to adjust from military to civilian life?”, and the bigger question of “How do we help other veterans who are struggling to adjust to civilian life?”. Intrigued by the questions, the CHOW team turned their attention to the biggest issues facing the veteran community – mental health and diet.

 Mental Health issues plague veterans across the branch of service board. This issue contributes not only to the 22 veterans who commit suicide daily, but also to the 80% of veterans who are overweight or obese. Recognizing the mental wellness benefits that come from eating healthily, the team embarked on a mission to assist veterans in overcoming their physical and mental obstacles through healthy eating and good habits.

What is CHOW? It’s not just a slang word for food, it’s a mission.

CHOW stands for Creating Healthy & Optimal Weight Loss.